Try again. Fail again. Fail better.——Samuel Beckett


Chunhui Startup Competition

  • July.31st 2020-
  • Our team and project "Construction and application of a multi-domain platform for screening and predicting mental diseases " managed to get access to the final
  • Please check us out at http://cyds.cscse.edu.cn/

Volunteer @ Wuhan2020

Internship @ Honda Techno Fort

  • February 2020

Internship @ Olympus(Aizu)

  • February 2020

Internship @ Piolax.Co

  • January 2020

Volunteer @ Kyoto Marathon 2020

Internship at Omron

  • September 2019

Tutor of exchange student from UC Berkeley

Research assistant

Fireball & Iceball cast experience

SEEDS assistant

  • July 2019 - Present
  • SEEDS is an acronym for “Science & Engineering Enhanced Education for Distinguished Students” and is a program for aspiring high school students who want to quickly touch the world's most advanced science and technology
  • Goal is to have a wide range of small curiosity buds about science by touching a wide range of research at Osaka University
  • Please check us out at https://www.seeds.osaka-u.ac.jp/

Volunteer @ World Haptics 2019

Short-term general position @ Cinet

Advanced Bioinformatics

Short-term general position @ Cinet

Research @ UESTC

  • June 2012 - November 2014
  • Working with Wang Maoyan
  • Goal is to develop a high quality Ka band geophone